A father's involvement can make or break a daughter‘s confidence as she gets older.

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I’ve spent the last seventeen years raising two daughters and it’s truly been a labor of love. Although there were times when I had my doubts about the choices I was making for my children, I kept the faith and stayed the course.

Parenting with intentionality inevitably comes with moments where you question the strategies you’ve invested in. This is a natural response and makes total sense when you think about it because we can’t see into the future to know whether a given strategy will have the outcome we desire with our children.

One of the true joys of…

Parents need to transition from being the all-knowing judge of their child’s performance to being a cheerleader of their child’s success

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Before you tell your child that something isn’t good or good enough, you may want to stop to ask yourself if you’ve already defined what good looks like for them.

Imagine how demotivational it is for a child when adults in their life tell them that something isn’t good but keep them in the dark about what good actually looks like. If a child doesn’t know what good looks like then how can you expect them to reproduce it?

This is where rubrics can be handy.

If you’re an educator then you’re probably already familiar with rubrics because they’ve become…

Hi, my name is Tim and I’m a recovering perfectionist.

Black and white photo of a father holding young child.
Black and white photo of a father holding young child.
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I was raised to believe in the veracity of the statement ‘If you’re going to do a job then do it right’. On the surface, it sounds like the perfect thing to say to a child in order to instill a strong work ethic. The fact is that it did work on me. I became an adult with a strong work ethic and I’m sure this made my mother happy. The problem is that it also resulted in me becoming enslaved to an unhealthy mindset.

They say that every action has a reaction but what they don’t tell you is…

A native English speaker's journey to master the hypothetical conditional in Japanese.

"If I were a rich man...I wouldn't have to work hard," laments Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof as he imagines what life would be like if he could biddie biddie bum all day long. We know Tevye is only speculating here because the modal would signals to us that we have entered the realm of the subjunctive. Defined in Webster's dictionary as "the mood of a verb that is used to express supposition, desire, hypothesis, possibility, etc. …

Tim Schwartz

I get joy from inspiring people, parenting my daughters & creative endeavors. I write to share my perspective & capitalize on my life experience. 🔎🤔

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